Eating Disorders and Pregnancy or Fertility Issues

Women with a previous history of eating disorders or who are currently in treatment for eating disorders may also be challenged with fertility issues. Women with a past or present eating disorder are more than twice as likely to seek fertility treatments to help them conceive. At Positive Pathways, we have experience guiding clients through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that can arise as a result of fertility treatments. Although many women struggle to conceive, others find themselves with unplanned pregnancies due to irregularities in their menstrual cycles and assumptions that they could not conceive. Our EDIT Treatment Team provides support to navigate through the challenges which can occur with unplanned pregnancy. Even when pregnancy is planned, women with a history of eating disorders can experience challenges related to body image and may notice an increase in eating disorder thoughts or behaviors.  

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Treatment Options for Eating Disorders and Pregnancy or Fertility Issues:

  • Customized EDIT Treatment Plan for your specific needs — targeted to address fertility issues or factors related to a current pregnancy, and your type of eating disorder (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder)
  • Body Image Therapy can be extremely helpful to encourage healthy pregnancy weight gain, and to facilitate acceptance of changes in body shape/size which can seem beyond your control
  • Nutrition Counseling can also be incorporated, to enhance your knowledge of foods which can support a healthy pregnancy, while addressing any eating disorder myths; you can also experience Intuitive Eating Training as a way to enhance mindfulness with meals
  • Family Therapy is also an essential part of our recommended treatment, where you can involve your spouse or partner, as well as members of your family of origin
  • Art Therapy is an optional addition to your treatment plan, which can allow a creative and deeper means of expression
  • Eating Disorder Relapse Prevention can also be emphasized as a part of your EDIT Treatment Plan
  • Other treatment options are available — please ask for more details!

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