NEW Eating Disorder Treatment Options

NEW Eating Disorder Treatment Options

Eating disorder treatment at Positive Pathways has several new options! Take your eating disorder recovery to the next level through experiential sessions with Dr. Dorie at her new office in Evergreen Colorado. Try our two eating disorder support groups, including an Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ skills group and a new Expressive Arts group – your first group is FREE! In addition, affordable eating disorder treatment is available through sessions with our new Counselor Interns from Naropa University. See details below:

WELCOME to our new eating disorder treatment team members Jennifer Stein, BA and Jeung-il Tsumagari, BA – both Masters-level students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Naropa University. Jennifer brings her special interest in mindfulness meditation, and Jeung-il has a concentration in Art Therapy and offers this therapeutic option in her individual sessions and groups. Eating disorder treatment with Counselor Interns is $35/session. LEARN MORE: Counselor Interns

SUPPORT GROUP options for eating disorder recovery include our Monday Night Group entitled, “Don’t Diet – EDIT!” which features an exploration of the five principles of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ and the practice of recovery skills to overcome anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, food addiction, and other issues with eating and weight. Try our NEW eating disorder support group on Tuesday evenings, featuring expressive arts, facilitated by Art Therapy Intern Jeung-il Tsumagari. Both groups meet from 6-7:30p, and your first group is FREE! LEARN MORE: Support Groups

DR. DORIE’S NEW OFFICE for eating disorder treatment is located in Evergreen, Colorado! Join Dr. Dorie for 45-minute or 90-minute sessions, or try a 3-hour experiential session including options of wilderness therapy, mindful meal sessions, and much more. This is your opportunity to deepen your eating disorder treatment by living the principles of Eating Disorder intuitive therapy (EDIT)™ in your session experience with Dr. Dorie. Saturday appointments are available. LEARN MORE: Evergreen Office

As we move into the Fall and Winter months, those “food holidays” can be triggering for many people with eating disorders. At Positive Pathways, we are here with eating disorder treatment options for you! Whether at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday Parties, or New Years Celebrations, get the eating disorder treatment support you desire and deserve. Call for a FREE consultation: 720-606-3242

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