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It is estimated that approximately 10% of those in treatment for eating disorders are men. However, certain false beliefs such as “eating disorders are a women’s issue” may prevent men with eating disorders from seeking the treatment they deserve. Eating disorders can affect ANY man – whether young or old, straight or gay, overweight or elite athlete. Research on men with eating disorders shows that most of the underlying issues that lead to the development of an eating disorder are the same for both men and women. Therefore, our customized treatment approach for men is similar to that for women – we explore one’s unique “story,” including family of origin, past traumas, societal influences, relationship issues, other addictions/psychiatric issues, and core beliefs/values as we develop a customized treatment plan for effective eating disorder recovery. In addition, we encourage the exploration of any issues or concerns which are related to being a man with an eating disorder – one issue which is more commonly seen in men is shame, and treatment can help explore the roots of shame and alleviate its toxic effects. Complete recovery is possible for both men and women with eating disorders – our EDIT Treatment Team can help all men on their journey of recovery.

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Treatment Options for Men with Eating Disorders Denver Colorado:

  • Customized EDIT Treatment Plan for your specific needs — related to your type of eating disorder (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder) and any issues you’d like to explore as a man in recovery
  • Nutrition Counseling can be incorporated, to enhance your knowledge of nutritional needs for men based on age and activity level, while addressing any eating disorder myths; you can also experience Intuitive Eating Training as a way to enhance mindfulness with meals
  • Family Therapy is an essential part of our recommended treatment, where you can invite your partner or spouse to attend sessions with you, as a means of learning eating disorder support strategies as well as relationship enrichment; key members of your family of origin can also be included
  • Body Image Therapy can be extremely helpful to challenge myths about men’s ideal appearance — also, to facilitate acceptance of any recovery-related changes in your body shape/size
  • Art Therapy can also be incorporated, for a creative and deeper means of expression
  • Other treatment options are available — please ask for more details!

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