Eating Disorders and LGBTQ Denver Area Treatment

At Positive Pathways, we welcome all members of the LGBTQ community in the Denver area. Our EDIT Treatment Team has experience guiding clients to explore sexual orientation and identity, while developing intimate relationships which support eating disorder recovery. We guide you to clarify and claim your True Self, and to heal the core issues which are the cause of eating disorder behaviors. In addition, we offer specific strategies as a part of our EDIT Treatment Approach to help you reduce eating disorder behaviors and reclaim healthy balance in your life. 

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Eating Disorders and LGBTQ Denver Area Treatment includes:

  • Customized EDIT Treatment Plan for your specific needs — related to your type of eating disorder (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder) and any LGBTQ issues which may be related to your eating disorder, such as sexual orientation and identity
  • Couples Therapy is an essential part of our recommended treatment, where you can invite your partner or spouse to attend sessions with you, as a means of learning eating disorder support strategies as well as relationship enrichment
  • Family Therapy is also an option, which could involve key members of your family of origin
  • Body Image Therapy and Nutrition Counseling are included in most treatment plans
  • Art Therapy can also be incorporated, for a creative and deeper means of expression
  • Other treatment options are available — please ask for more details!

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