Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment Process
Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™

Effective and Affordable Alternative to Inpatient Treatment Centers

from ED…

“feeling fat”

general self-criticism


diets/weight loss focus

disconnected from feelings

using food to change mood


minimal self-care

attempts to control ED

tendency to relapse

…to IT

Nurturing Body Image



Intuitive Eating/Exercise

Aware of Feelings/Needs

Healthy Coping Strategies

Giving to Enhance Self

Intuitive Self-Care

Freedom from ED Behaviors

Complete Recovery

At Positive Pathways, we customize a 1-on-1 eating disorder outpatient treatment plan for you based on your unique needs. All of our therapy is provided on an outpatient basis, which allows you to be on your path of complete recovery from eating disorders and weight problems while developing skills to enhance your everyday life — including career, school, family and other interests.

We provide individual sessions for eating disorder outpatient treatment, as an effective alternative to group sessions offered at most treatment centers. Our experiential sessions allow you explore Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Exercise, Body Image Therapy and Art Therapy – all on a 1-on-1 basis with your therapist, for in-depth healing of your core issues. In addition, you’ll find our fees are more affordable – especially for those without insurance!

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FREE Consultation

Receive a complimentary and confidential consultation with the Clinical Director at Positive Pathways, Dr. Dorie McCubbrey. During this FREE 15-minute phone call, you can explore treatment options at Positive Pathways. LEARN MORE 

Initial Treatment Plan

As a part of your FREE Consultation, Dr. Dorie will discuss a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs, which will involve 1-on-1 sessions with an EDIT™ Counselor from our Treatment Team. LEARN MORE 

Intake Session

During this 90-minute session, you will meet with your EDIT™ Counselor, who will ask you to “tell your story.” She will listen with compassion, and together you will set your overall Treatment Goals. She will give you an Action Plan to get started with right away! LEARN MORE 

Follow-Up Sessions

You and your EDIT™ Counselor will decide the Session Types which will best meet your specific needs. You can choose from Individual Therapy, 1-on-1 Experiential Sessions, Couples & Family Therapy, and/or Therapy Groups & Workshops. LEARN MORE 

Progress Evaluation

Throughout the therapy process, you can discuss your successes and challenges with your EDIT™ Counselor. Together, you can evaluate your progress, and set new treatment goals as needed. Fore more intensive sessions, including a customized 1-on-1 Intensive Outpatient Program, you can consider EDIT-IOP Sessions  

Relapse Prevention

At Positive Pathways, we believe that complete recovery from eating disorders is possible, although relapse is also possible.  As you are nearing the completion of your treatment, we recommend talking with your EDIT™ Counselor about strategies for ongoing success. LEARN MORE 

Treatment Conclusion

At the conclusion of your treatment, we encourage you to have a “closure session” with your EDIT™ Counselor. Here, you can review your progress and anchor your success! Take a moment and review the entire EDIT™ Philosophy and Treatment Outcomes. LEARN MORE 

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Would You Like To Experience These EDIT™ Treatment Goals?

All therapists at Positive Pathways are specialists in the treatment of Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, and other issues with food, exercise and weight. When you initiate treatment, you will meet with an EDIT™ Certified Counselor or EDIT™ Counselor Intern, who will be your Primary Therapist. You will work together with your therapist to achieve any of these EDIT™ Treatment Goals (you choose the goals you desire, and your therapist will customize a treatment plan for you):

Improved Body Image

At Positive Pathways, our Body Image Therapy Sessions incorporate a variety of techniques which are are designed to improve self-image and overcome body dysmorphia (a distorted perception of specific physical features). You will discover how to change the critical attitudes you have about your body into a positive sense of your whole Self. Using guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and interactive take-home techniques, you can heal the disconnect between mind and body to create an integrated experience of overall well-being. Complete recovery from eating disorders begins with a foundation of complete Self-Love.

Renewed Sense of Self

Sometimes it can feel like your eating disorder is your identity – but recovery from eating disorders is about remembering who you really are! The eating disorder thoughts and behaviors are a “false self,” almost like a mask, projecting who you think you should be and hiding what you don’t want others to see. Underneath this mask lies your “True Self” and its Intuitive Wisdom, waiting to resurface. You will discover what your mask represents, and gradually peel away its layers, revealing the truth of who you are. You will learn the essential aspects of the parts of yourself you’ve tried to keep hidden, and you’ll genuinely want to be free of the mask you’ve been wearing. Through the exploration of your core values, beliefs, purpose, goals and dreams, you will reconnect with your True Self at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. Free of the mask of your eating disorder, you can truly be happy with your authentic answers to the question, “Who Am I?”

Enhanced Intuitive Eating Abilities

At Positive Pathways, we believe that Intuitive Eating is an essential key to complete recovery from eating disorders.  We help you make peace with food by challenging your diet myths, gradually making changes to improve your nutrient intake, and implementing strategies to overcome eating-disordered behavior. You will not follow a meal plan, count exchanges, or weigh/measure your food – instead, you will discover the approach of Intuitive Eating, where you will learn how to honor your hunger by selecting the type and amount of food that your body truly needs. By following an intuitive process, you can enjoy the true freedom of complete recovery from eating disorders and food addiction.  Our Intuitive Eating Training Sessions feature a hands-on experience to put your Intuitive Thoughts about food into practice.

Healthy Intuitive Exercise Habits

If your intuition can guide you in making decisions with your life, your relationships, your career, and your eating, then it can guide you with your exercise choices, too! With an intuitive approach to exercise, you’ll find freedom from the rigors and exhaustion of compulsive exercise behaviors, and discover how to have fun with fitness once again. Consider your Intuitive Wisdom like an Inner Personal Trainer, who has your optimal health and wellbeing in mind. Would this trainer yell at you to force you through a workout, even when you’re exhausted? Would he or she set goals about weight loss or body fat reduction, with a grueling workout regimen to follow every day of the week? Or would you be supported to find fitness activities which you truly enjoy, and encouraged to listen to your body, exercising in the amount your body truly needs – including more rest and relaxation? At Positive Pathways, our therapists model the guidance of your Inner Personal Trainer, gradually assisting you to change your current exercise habits, until they are congruent with your body’s intuitive needs. Our Intuitive Exercise Training Sessions feature a hands-on experience to put your Intuitive Thoughts about exercise into practice.

Balanced Mood

When you’re in your eating disorder mindset, you’re obsessing about something – what you ate, what you shouldn’t have eaten, what you’ll do to get back on track, and so on. With all of that chatter in your mind, there isn’t much room to think about how you feel – except feeling fat, which isn’t an emotion! As you begin your journey of recovery, you may feel out of touch with your emotions. But as your recovery progresses, you’ll learn how to identify your feelings and needs, with an ability to successfully navigate through the “highs and lows” of life events. You’ll feel sad without the depths of depression, and excited without the tension of anxiety. You’ll be able to truly feel your feelings, rather than numbing them with your eating disorder thoughts and behaviors. You’ll come to rely upon the wisdom of your own Intuitive Therapist to help you enjoy an overall balanced mood.

Resolution of Core Issues

You may have a sense of what some of your core issues and current triggers are, or you may have no idea why your eating disorder began and what sets it off here and now. Through the therapeutic process, you’ll gain insights into your core issues, and discover your unique path of resolution. You’ll also discover ow to effectively handle your current triggers, so the pain of your past doesn’t continue to be reactivated. One effective strategy involves “thought edits” to create a new memory of a past traumatic event. Our therapists guide you to literally rewrite the script of a past event, producing a new “movie in your mind,” with new thoughts, feelings and actions which support recovery. The mind doesn’t know the difference between a real event and an imagined one. Through “mental rehearsal” – replaying this new movie in your mind – you can create an imprint in your memory to replace the painful memories of any past traumas.

Intuitive Self-Care Practices

You may have a sense about what you “should do” to take care of yourself, but find that you don’t follow through. Intuitive Self-Care takes you beyond your “shoulds,” to an Inner Knowing about what you truly need – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To “Feed Your Hungry Body,” you could enroll for a cooking class, or try yoga or tai chi. As “Food For Thought,” you might decide to learn a new language, or take a class to learn a new skill. To “Feed Your Hungry Heart,” you could schedule coffee dates to deepen your individual connections with friends, or you may reach out to former classmates or other friends you’ve lost touch with through Facebook. As “Soul Food,” you might learn how to meditate, or explore mindfulness practices for your everyday life. You’ll discover how easy it is to make your new Intuitive Self-Care practices your priority, because you’ll feel so good – much better than your eating disorder behaviors ever could!

Exploration of Spirituality In Recovery

As the author of How Much Does Your Soul Weigh? (HarperCollins, 2003), Dr. Dorie suggests, “You might be worried about how much your body weighs, but in all of your efforts to control your eating and your weight, what burden are you placing on your mind, your heart and your soul?” Traditional psychotherapy addresses the mental and emotional aspects of weight issues, while body image therapy and intuitive eating strategies address the physical issues – but what about the spiritual issues in eating disorder recovery, and healing for the hungry soul? At Positive Pathways, we use a unique Spirituality In Recovery Assessment, which includes a questionnaire for you as a client to complete, followed by a review and discussion session with your Primary Therapist. This allows an opportunity to resolve any past spiritual/religious conflicts, clarify current spiritual/religious values, and explore new spiritual/religious practices which can support eating disorder recovery.

Strategies for Ongoing Success

At Positive Pathways, our EDIT™ Philosophy is that complete recovery is possible – that you can be free of your eating disorder behaviors, and in fact live as if you never had an eating disorder! Although complete recovery is possible, relapse is also possible – but it can be prevented. Our therapists are trained to recognize the warning signs of relapse, and can work with you to plan ahead for prevention. At the conclusion of the therapeutic relationship, we will give you the encouragement to continue to trust your own Intuitive Therapist within you as your guide – so you can enjoy the freedom of complete recovery, today and every day!

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