Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ Session Types

At Positive Pathways, we customize an eating disorder outpatient treatment plan for you based on your unique needs. All of our therapy is provided on an outpatient basis, which allows you to be on your path of complete recovery from eating disorders while developing skills to enhance your everyday life – including career, school, family and other interests. Your treatment plan may include the following EDIT Session Types:

Individual Psychotherapy
50 min – 2 hours

During these 1-on-1 meetings with your Primary Therapist, you will learn specific EDIT strategies as immediate interventions to reduce your eating disorder behaviors.  In addition, you will explore the underlying issues behind your eating disorder behaviors. As your core issues are addressed and healthy methods of coping are put into practice, eating disordered behaviors will begin to dissipate on their own. Initially, we recommend sessions on a weekly basis, and then less frequently as progress is made. We believe that you’ll know when you’re ready to conclude therapy, and we encourage you continue to apply the EDIT Principles to enjoy complete recovery!

Couples & Family Therapy
90 min – 3 hours

You can involve your partner or family in your EDIT recovery process!  From a Family Systems perspective, change is viewed as systems of interaction between family members. As you change, so will your family, and as members of your family change, so will you.  During Couples & Family Therapy sessions with your Primary Therapist, you can improve communication, set healthy boundaries, and achieve other relationship goals.  Discover how to create the positive changes that you desire, by creating a healthy family environment to support your process of complete recovery, with respect for all members of your family.

Therapy Groups & Workshops
90 min – 3 hours

In these confidential groups of 6-8 members, healthy connections with others in recovery are formed. These groups are facilitated by EDIT Certified Counselors and/or EDIT Counselor Interns, and they are designed to be a complimentary addition to Individual Psychotherapy sessions. Therapy Groups typically meet for 8 consecutive weeks, and these intimate groups allow for the exploration of specific themes and core issues in recovery. Workshops allow a more in-depth exploration of specific EDIT Principles, and are offered on various topics throughout the year.  Sharing your journey of recovery with others who are also on the path can be very healing.

Experiential Sessions
90 min – 3 hours

These Experiential Sessions are offered on a 1-on-1 basis, and allow for a hands-on application of the EDIT Principles.  These sessions are conducted by your Primary Therapist, or another EDIT Certified Counselor or EDIT Counselor Intern who can become a part of your Treatment Team.  Experiential options include: Art Therapy Sessions, Journal-Writing Sessions, Body Image Sessions, Intuitive Eating Meal Sessions, Intuitive Exercise Exploration Sessions, Guided Meditation Sessions and special “field trips.”  Your Primary Therapist will recommend specific Experiential Sessions for you, but we also empower you to make requests!

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