Eating Disorder IOP – EDIT™ Intensive Outpatient Program

Sometimes, a “higher level of care” may be needed than can be provided with weekly therapy sessions, but hospital admission might not be necessary. That’s exactly what an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for — an IOP is the “middle” level of care, which is in between weekly outpatient therapy sessions and daily inpatient treatment.

At Positive Pathways, we take a unique approach to Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)s — we meet with you on a 1-on-1 basis, which is a contrast to treatment centers which offer group Eating Disorder IOP. Our EDIT-IOPs feature customized treatment modules to guide you in the exploration of each of the principles of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy.

Each IOP Session is three hours in duration, and includes an Intuitive Eating Meal where you can bring food that you “feel safe” with, as you learn how to make peace with food at your own pace.  Eating Disorder IOP Sessions may also include Art Therapy, Body Image Therapy and family sessions as needed. We recommend three EDIT-IOP Sessions each week, for a minimum program duration of 4 weeks. Extended options for 8 weeks and 12 weeks are available.

Step 1 – Intake Session

Dr. Dorie McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC conducts all EDIT-IOP Intake Sessions.  Dr. Dorie will select an EDIT Certified Counselor to be your Primary Therapist, and she will also be present at the Intake Session.  During this 2-hour session, we will ask you to share your “story” — the important facts about you and your life which will help us to best help you.  We will develop and discuss your overall treatment goals with you, and provide you with an initial action plan.  Your EDIT-IOP will involve 1-on-1 meetings with your Primary Therapist, or EDIT Counselor Interns who will also be members of your Treatment Team.  Dr. Dorie will continue to monitor your progress throughout the course of your EDIT-IOP.

Step 2 – EDIT-IOP Plan

Following your intake, Dr. Dorie and your Primary Therapist will complete the details of your Customized Treatment Plan, which will feature the development of EDIT Treatment Modules, based on the five principles of EDIT.  Options for EDIT Treatment Modules include: Art Therapy, Body Image Therapy, Intuitive Exercise, DBT Skills, Career Exploration, Spiritual Exploration, Relationship Exploration, Couples or Family Therapy.  In addition, each EDIT-IOP Session will include an Intuitive Eating Meal, to be enjoyed with a therapist from the treatment team.  Intuitive Eating is one of the key aspects of the EDIT philosophy, and an essential part of complete recovery from eating disorders.

Step 3 – EDIT-IOP Sessions

Each IOP Session is 3 hours in duration, and consists of a Therapeutic Check-In, an Intuitive Eating Meal, an EDIT Treatment Module, Therapeutic Processing and Self-Work.  The Check-In sets the recovery focus for your session.  You are asked to bring your own meal or snack for the Intuitive Eating Meal — this way, you can enjoy “safe foods” as you learn new intuitive and mindfulness skills, and gradually “challenge” yourself with new foods as a part of the meal.  The EDIT Treatment Modules will guide you to explore each of the five EDIT principles, with Therapeutic Processing to help you heal your core issues.  Self-Work assignments are for your reflection and practice until your next IOP Session.

Step 4 – Aftercare

A critical step in the IOP process is making a successful transition back into “everyday life.”  It is likely that the IOP has been integrated into your current work, school or family life, which helps ease the adaptation to embracing the activities of life more fully.  However, given the significant amount of time and energy given to recovery for the duration of the EDIT-IOP, it is important to continue a commitment to recovery.  As the conclusion of the IOP approaches, a detailed  follow-up plan will be developed.  Generally, we recommend follow-up sessions for 1-3 hours, once or twice a week.  In addition, we encourage the use of recovery resources in the Denver area, as well as other means of Intuitive Self-Care.

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