Eating Disorder Counseling Denver

Positive Pathways, Ltd
165 Cook Street • Suite 10 • Denver, CO 80206

Dr. Dorie McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS – Owner and Clinical Director

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There is ample FREE street parking near our building. Most parking is 2-hour, and there are some spaces which are all day. Be sure to check the signs where you park, to be sure it is not reserved for Cherry Creek Resident Permits. If your eating disorder counseling appointment is after 4pm or on a Saturday, you are welcome to park in the lot behind our building. Please use the spaces in the open lot (no parking in the covered spaces right by the building). Positive Pathways is located in Suite 10, which is DOWN one level from the lobby (use elevator or stairs located by the back door of the building). We look forward to meeting you!

When you arrive for your first eating disorder counseling appointment, we will greet you as if welcoming you into our home. From nature photography on the walls to eating disorder recovery messages throughout the office, you’ll feel a connection with our eating disorder counseling team the minute you enter the door at Positive Pathways. Our private suite features its own comfortable reception area, plus five offices for client sessions and groups. You’ll notice a difference from typical eating disorder counseling offices or treatment centers, which can often feel impersonal and sterile — our office evokes warmth and creativity, to inspire your journey of complete recovery from eating disorders. We are honored to be your guides on the path!


Live or work near Evergreen? Meet with Dr. Dorie in Evergreen!


Live or work near Boulder? Meet with Rebecca Sculley, LPC in Boulder!

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