EDIT Principle #5: Believe In Your Self

A Day in the Life of Complete Recovery from Eating Disorders!

As part of your eating disorder recovery, you have learned very much about yourself, your feelings and your true needs.  You have gradually let go of binge eating, purging, restrictive eating, and any other eating disordered behavior.  You find yourself at peace with food, able to eat intuitively while trusting your body to be a healthy weight.  You have discovered positive ways of  dealing with any challenges you encounter.  You remember all of the significant people and situations, serving as guides on your path of freedom.  You have created anchors, which symbolize what recovery means to you.  You have a range of emotions as you reflect upon your eating disordered past, and experience its ending.  You witness the sunrise, with the eyes of your soul, and you welcome your new beginning.  This day and every day, you are free!

At Positive Pathways, we believe that complete recovery from eating disorders is possible — and your journey of recovery can continue on an ongoing basis by practicing this final EDIT™ principle. Our treatment team of EDIT™ Certified Counselors and EDIT™ Counselors is here to help! Get started on your journey of recovery today with a FREE consultation: 720-606-3242

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